Having a highly trusted and experienced private residential manager inspecting and protecting your property will reduce the burden and worry associated with being away from home and absentee ownership. We’ll perform regularly scheduled and post severe weather visits to your property and send detailed reporting the very same day.

We work directly with each client to develop a custom inspection checklist, share emergency contact information, and formulate a system for documentation and reporting, along with an action plan in the event that problems are discovered. We’ll also serve as your local contact for security monitoring notifications.

The following is a sample checklist for an absentee owner’s home in Ivy, Va:

Bi-Weekly and Post Severe Weather Event Checklist:

◻ Inspect exterior siding & trim + roof, gutters & drainage
◻ Check windows & doors in all rooms
◻ Check thermostats & Hvac functionality
◻ Inspect interior for leaks & insects
◻ Flush all commodes & run faucets
◻ Inspect all kitchen appliances
◻ Check all interior/exterior lights and replace bulbs as needed
◻ Monitor performance of irrigation system (Activate in May, Winterize in October)
◻ Schedule and manage seasonal HVAC service & check or replace fire extinguishers and smoke detector batteries each Spring and Fall

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